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Good day members of the EternalCloud network!

I recently programmed a plugin allowing players to vote on something specified by a staff member. One of the polls I had created was "Ideas for a new server." The four options were quite self explanatory..
  1. Arcade / Mini games
  2. Survival
  3. Factions
  4. Other
On the KitPVP server, the results returned as.. 37% arcade, 13% other, 22% survival, 28% factions.
On the Prison server, the results were quite different... 75% factions, 14% other, 7% arcade / mini games, and 4% survival.

With the given data, we can conclude that the majority of you want a Factions server, the idea of a factions server will be discussed thoroughly by each and every staff member to decide on this idea of a new server. Thank you all for voting on a new server and for those of you who didn't vote for factions, your ideas are still kept in mind for we value each and every one of you as a unique and diverse member. 

Blockmaster6101 Awesome I LOVE factions!!!!!!!
TigerClaw3000 If im predator, and I donate 50 dollars, would I become elite?
C1ay I do not have pet perms, workbench perms, or pet selector perms! Can you work on that?
Eternal News
Alright guys so as many of you know, applying for staff used to be done on the forums. As of now we have a new section on the top of our site for you to apply for helper on Eternal Cloud. This will save you the trouble of being denied for not using the correct template for your application. The application section on the forums will be deleted soon so please start using the new form of applying.

fatboi615 this guy on prison is cussing me out can you do something Opportunist123
Xyirio i applied too but didn't work (no reply)
ChrisLongShot I Also Sent A Request And Did Not recive A Reply Yet.

Eternal News

LeEternalOne a posted Jan 9, 14
Eternal News
KitPvP is almost here! The server needs it's finishing "touches" and will be ready to open in a few days! Our dev (IModZombies4Fun) has worked really hard on it so please thank him for his hard work when you see him on.

If you haven't already changed the IP, do so already. If you don't know the new IP it's: MC.EternalCloud.Net
We're also recruiting more Helpers to moderate the server. We've read many applications and 90% haven't met the requirements. We don't read applications that don't have the correct title/format. Please read the application requirements as well as the Helpers guide to help make your application more professional. If you have any questions you are welcome to pm or message any of the staff.

~ LeEternalOne
XxxThe_GamerxxX Applied Check My Application If You Want And Thanks For Reading My Message.
DoctorOfAwesome2 Plz check my app and just approve it or deny just want to either Thank You! DoctorOfAwesome2
bucksboys Ive sent my application plzz read mine im helper on different servers
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